Behind the scenes of a jewellery company: Packaging

Hey guys, 

So this week I thought it would be really fun to show behind the scenes of a jewellery brand - thelustrecompany, and give a sneak peak into our packaging. 

A lot of time, energy and care go into beautifully packaging your orders everyday, take a look at our production line...

1. Make the box! This takes a lot of time folding each side and assembling each box by hand.


2. Once the box is made, we add a handful of recycled stuffing to make sure your package is safe in transit.


3. Next one of team will hand write your name on our personalised thank you notes!

4. The note is then carefully folded and slid into place in your box!


5. Then one of our team will pick out the jewellery you've ordered from our stock draws and attatch them to our display card with gold tape, so they don't tangle up on their journey to you.

6. The jewellery is then placed into the box ready for packing up!



7. Once everything is in place the boxes are secured with gold tape.


8. A postage label is then stuck on the front and your address is hand written by one of the team. A customs form may also be filled out and stuck on the back if for an order in the USA.

9. Once packaged the orders are ready to leave the office and I personally see off every order at the post office depot.


So there you have it!

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