Rose pendant: The inspiration behind the jewellery

Have you noticed how popular this particular rose necklace has been over the last year or so?

Everyone been wearing rose gold pendants on your Instagram feed?

Want to know why?

Trends are influenced by the things around us and trend forecasters at all the major fashion houses look into everything for inspiration. For example;

You may not have been alive but you might have heard about when there was a space-age design epidemic filtering through fashion in the 70s

Silver platforms and infamous amounts of shiny sci-fi materials. Visor accessories to accompany every outfit... Just picture ABBA…got an image in your head? Good.

It was all inspired by a global event a few years prior: the moon landing in 1969. 

Sounds pretty far fetched but if you trace it back it all makes sense.

The inspiration behind the gold rose pendant necklace being a massive trend didn't quite come from such a global event but more of a modern day inspiration source - TV and film.  

The recent remake of the disney classic Beauty And The Beast in 2017 has sparked this necklace design creeping up everywhere.

The design itself is based on the rose in the enchanted glass from the film.


See the resemblance? 

Rose pendant
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